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Leaky Roof? Save money AND improve your energy efficiency with our long-lasting commercial roof repair and restoration services.

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Premium Commercial Roofing Services in Northwest Arkansas

We’re a professional roof restoration company specializing in commercial roofing systems. We offer flat roof repair and restoration, metal roof restoration, TPO commercial roofing, and fabric reinforced spray coating systems that will make your roof better than new.

Our Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Flat Roof Repair and Restoration

Replacing a commercial flat top roof that is old and leaky is a costly and logistical nightmare. With our flat roof repair and restoration services you can avoid the logistical challenges of a roof replacement while getting a roof that is as good as new without the cost of a new roof. We use a fabric-reinforced restoration system that involves pre-cleaning, sealing all seams, a primer coat, a fabric-reinforced layer, and a top coat. This creates a durable, waterproof roof that is also energy efficient.

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Large Metal Roof Restoration

Our metal roof restoration service allows you to get a like-new metal roof without the cost of replacing the roof. Applicable for shop buildings, commercial buildings, warehouses, chicken barns, cattle sheds, and more our metal roof repair process involves cleaning the roof, applying a primer, coating the roof with a durable fabric-reinforced coating, caulking all fasteners and covering everything with a top coat that both protects your roof coating and reflects 85% of the suns rays.

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Deck and Patio Coatings

Our deck and patio sealing systems are fabric-reinforced coatings that can be applied to almost any surface to provide a durable and waterproof covering. All you need is an underlayment of wood. We’ll seal the seams, apply a primer, cover everything with a fabric-reinforced TPO coating and then apply a top coat that will leave your surface looking classy while also being well-protected and waterproof.

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Give Your roof a 10-20 Year Guarantee!

All our products and services are guaranteed for 10-20 years (varies by roof type and system used). We use industry leading, proven products and stand by our work 100%.

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Hey, I’m Chris and this is my beautiful family. As the owner of Restoration Roofing, I’m excited to offer premium commercial roof restoration services to the fine folks here in Northwest Arkansas. Coming from a multi-generational family of builders and roofers, I’ve been involved in the construction industry for as long as I can remember. My commitment to you is to always provide quality and personal roof restoration services that will help you avoid roof replacement costs AND make your building more energy efficient.

I’d love to talk with you more and discuss your roof project.

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